Another tough year has come to a close and , as always, we look to the new one with a sense of optimism.

My final commissions for 2021 were well received so now it's time to plan for a new year.

Right now it's a blank canvas ( so to speak ) and I will let you know when I've made plans.

brodie framed.jpg
master scan.jpg

'This was my final commission of 2021.

'This triptych of Brodie was a recent commission. Watercolou 22" x 15"

monets lilly pond final 1.jpg

Monet's Lily Pond

This large oil of Monet's water lily pond formed one of the centerpieces of my recent exhibition  47" x 26" framed.   £1950.00

milford 008.jpg

Milford Magic

 This iconic view of Mitre Peak in Milford sound has a special magic. 47" x 35" oil on stretched canvas .   £ 2250.00